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Houttuynia cordata extract

Plant source          :Houttuynia cordata
Specification         : 5:1, 10:1
Appearence           :Brown yellow  powder






Houttuynia is a genus of two species in the Saururaceae native to Southeast Asia. One species, H. cordata, is widely cultivated as a culinary herb. The genus was originally described in 1783 by Carl Peter Thunberg when he formally described H. cordata as the only species. It remained a monotypic genus until 2001 when Zheng Yin Zhu and Shi Liang Zhang discovered and described a second species native to China, H. emeiensis . 


Houttuynia cordata is also used in used in folk medicine for diuresis and detoxification and herbal medicine for its antiviral, antibacterial and antileukemic activities.  Recently it has been suggested that it might have anti-obesity properties. Houttuynia cordata was used by Chinese scientists to tackle SARS as it is conventionally used to treat pneumonia.

H. cordata injection, a traditional Chinese medicine, is often used to relieve abnormal lung symptoms, infectious disease, refractory hemoptysis and malignant pleural effusion in China. H. cordata injection has a direct inhibitory activity against Pseudorabies herpes virus in vitro.

Vap Ca is a very popular tonic herb in Japan and is used as a tonic tea, but also for chronic earache. The beverage dokudami cha  is an infusion made from the leaves, Oolong tea leaves, and Job's Tears. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine and can cause severe allergic reactions.

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