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 ‘Back To Nature’ has been the most popular issue over the worldwide in modern times, and natural nutrition has been the most potential and fastestchanging industry. With the development of the society, people pay more attenion on green, health. and disease prevention, not only treatment. Therefor it makes natural health food with function as popular supplement.

 Guanyuan bio-tech always insist on “innovative agricultural modernization for human health, pursuing the harmony and unity between human beings and nature and providing good quality natural active ingredients for human.

 Sense of worth

Realistisch and pragmatisch sein, try best to develop as a vigor enterprise with innovation, Corporate Citizen with social responsibility and good and reliable health food, health product supplier.

 Enterprise mission

Respecting nature and life; pursuiting health, harmony, sustainable future; devoting to spread health, happiness and environmental life style; communicating with green and organic nutrition; proving nutritious food with health and happiness.


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