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Plant source     : Semen Citri Reticulatae

Specification    : 98%, HPLC

Appearance      : White powder

M.W                     : 514.568/M.F : C28H34O9

CAS NO               : 1063-77-0



Introduction       :

Citrus limonoids represent a major problem in the citrus industry, in fact they can impart, few hours after juicing at room temperature, a bitter taste in some citrus juices. This delayed bitternessd is an important economic problem in commercial citrus juice production: it lowers the quality and value of commercial juice, and has a significant negative economic impart to citrus industry. Apart their antifeedant activity, limonin and nomilin have recently proved to be potent inducers of gluthathione S-transferase activity in mice and inhibit carcinogenesis in the hamster buccal pouch assay.

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